Rating System:

Next to Each Room you will see a Rating!!!!!!!!.

Rated Indicates that the Room is for Chatters of all ages. Adult themes and conversation are not allowed in these rooms.

Total Number of Nobles Currently in the Fantasy Castle= 1
Total Number of Phantasy Seekers Currently in the Phantasy Castle= 0
Total Number of Goreans Currently on the Planet Surface= 0
Date and Time: 10/23/21 8:57 PM
Check the Fantasy Castle Weather. We're located Near the HOU symbol on the Map!

Phantasy Looking Glass~

Villagers, Sorcerers, Witches, Sages, Wise Women, Warrors, Ladies, Queens, Poets, Kings, Creatures the Natural and SuperNatural ... seek fellowship and adventure here where the Castle reaches to the sky.
Welcome Travelers

Relaxing in the Villa Retreat =0 It's Holiday Time~ Rated

Listen to the Party in the Villa.

Those following the Yellow Brick Road =0 Enter OZ Rated

Just Remember This~

Already in Heaven =0 Climb the Stairway to Heaven Rated

If you knock here, you may hear what's going on in Heaven~

Creatures of Enchanment=0 Enter the Enchanted Keep! Rated

Open the Gate and Listen to the Enchantment of the Keep.

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