Chat Help!

If you are new to chat, or you just want to take advantage of the advanced options, read this simple, brief FAQ, and if you need to know anything else, e-mail me!


How do I send messages?

Sending messages is easy, just type in what you want to say, in the box, then click "SEND MESSAGE"!

How do I receive messages?

Once you are on the chat page it's very simple. Whenever you want to receive the latest in the conversation, click on the 'NEW MESSAGES' button. Any new conversation will be sent to you, along with a few of the paragraphs you've already seen (for context). The new stuff will be near the top of your screen, with a graphic that says NEW in it. If there is nothing new the server will tell your browser that, and won't send anything. Some browsers handle this by just leaving up the page you already had; others may redraw the screen anyway.

If anyone included references to inline gifs in their message text these will be displayed too. Any hyperlinks they put in will be made live and indicated by an underline and a blue text color.

Chat Language:

What is all this wierd lingo you guys use?

There are some different terms, phrases, and customs, that make chat more fun.

First you should know that =) and :) are sideways smiley faces. ;) is a wink, and :0 is surprised or something, and there are many more.. these all are called 'smileys'

Also there are some terms you should know:

BRB = Be Right Back

LOL = Laugh Out Loud

m or f = male or female

Want to learn more about side-smileys and acronyms? CLICK HERE


How do I include images, or make my writing bold, and do other neato stuff?

Your message can also contain inline .gifs/jpgs sprinkled amongst the message itself. To do that, just type in an HTML tag, to call the image.

For example:

< IMG SRC="" >

Another example:

< IMG SRC="" >

That would call up this

To turn Images on or off click on the Images Check Box.

Members Personal Images:

I know personal images are for FantasyCastle Members Only but as a Member, how do I include a image to represent myself? Simply type in the location of the image file you want into the personal image box. The image is automically reduce to a 50 x 50 image!

Will display this image next to your name.


You Can Include any of the canned graphics with your message simply go the Graphics Selection Box Scroll to the image you want to be displayed with your message!

Example: If you selected screw this image would be displayed with your message!


To send a live hyptertext link in your text, type in the HTML tag calling the page you want to point to.

For example:

< A HERF="" > Name of link! < /A >

Another example:

< A href="" > Click this for Fantasy Castle Chat! < /A >

Here is what you get. Click this for Fantasy Castle Chat!

Private Messages:

How do I send a Private Message? Simply go to the Send Message to: , Selection Box Scroll down to the person you wish to send a private message to. Type your message in the Text box and then Click on the Post Message Button thats all there is to it.!

HTML Tags:

To make your text BOLD type the strong HTML tag.

For example:

< strong > YOUR BOLD TEXT < /strong >

Which would look like: YOUR BOLD TEXT

To start a new
LINE type the BR HTML tag.

For example:

Your text < BR > here

Which would look like: Your text

To make your text super big type the heading HTML tag.

For example:

< H2 > YOUR BIG TEXT < /H2 >

Wich would look like:


To make your text blink use HTML tag Blink

For example:

< blink > Blinking TEXT < /blink >

Which would look like: Blinking Text

To make change the color of your text use the font HTML Tag.

For example:

< font color=red > Red Text < /font >

Which would look like: Red Text

These HTML tags are what is used to create web pages. They are usefull in many more places, other than here. It is worth a little effort to learn them, and there are hundreds you can play with!

If you have any other questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to
e-mail me.

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