Some of the duties of our Guardians are, at other sites, performed by people called monitors. We prefer the term Guardian because it is more descriptive of the efforts by our volunteer assistants. But what are a Guardian's duties, you may ask?
  1. They are here to Welcome newcomers to the Fantasy Castle and make you feel at home.
  2. They are here to assist you with any questions you may have about the chatroom you are visiting.
  3. They are here to protect you against malicious individuals.
  4. They are here to maintain the integrity of the Fantasy Castle.
They are not here:
  1. To harass or intimidate you.
  2. To boot you.

If there is a problem:
If you are in someway breaking Fantasy Castle or Room Rules, they will instruct you so you can conform.
They will usually speak to you in Whispers. Never argue or verbally assault our Guardians, nor speak rudely to them in public.
Only if you fail to heed the instructions and warnings will they remove you from the Castle.
Lazarus & Lady SilverDawn

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